Oh Lord God…The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours; everything in the world is yours; you created it. –Psalm 89:11


Thanks for visiting our website to learn about us and our products. I’m John Strasheim, the CEO of Cosmos Creations. I refer to our products as the Cadillac of the snack food industry, not because it offers anything like magnetic ride control suspension, but because it’s a luxury brand with broad appeal. Cosmos is much more than a taste and texture sensation; we are also a company that seeks to honor the God of the Bible in all we do. We think a great way to demonstrate our beliefs in the fruits of the Spirit, especially joy, kindness and goodness, is by providing our own version of heavenly manna right here on Earth.

Cosmos’s flavor sensation is hard to describe, so maybe think “old-fashioned tasty treat with a twist”. It’s actually a puffed, baked corn and while there are other baked corn snacks available, Cosmos is the only one that is gluten free, trans fat free, non-GMO and made with natural ingredients you can pronounce. Other products have hulls or kernels that lodge between your teeth and drive you crazy. Cosmos however, practically melts in your mouth.

Some are under the impression that caramel is all we make. While that is certainly our strength, we have other flavors that may severely test your power of self-control. Cosmos is handcrafted from a homemade recipe originating in the founder’s kitchen.

Since its inception, Cosmos Creations has grown incredibly fast. This requires a steady and fast- paced production line to match the demand and keep shelves stocked while ensuring freshness with every delivery. Ultimately, we want everyone to be blessed; from our employees to our retailers, to all of you who’ve ever polished off a bag in a single setting (you know who you are).

Take a look around our freshly baked website; read a little about our history; visit our FAQ page; browse our delicious line of premium snacks and find out where to purchase a bag or two. Then prepare to savor and share a few bites of goodness and joy.

May God richly bless you and your family,

John Strasheim