Unfortunately, it’s a story we know all too well. We hear from Cosmos fans every day…they just discovered our product…maybe thanks to a family member, perhaps in a taster box…they love it! They want more!

So they visit our website, click on our store locator and their happiness quickly fades to disappointment. No stores near them carry the heavenly morsels.

While we are tirelessly working to make sure Cosmos is available across the nation {and yes, eventually the world} we can still use your help.

We can tell stores all day long that people will love Cosmos Creations but that doesn’t always work.

If you’d like to see your favorite grocery store stock Cosmos Creations you’ve got to let them know!

Download this flyer, print it out and present it to the store manager, asking them to stock Cosmos Creations.

Cosmos Creations Store Request Flyer

Don’t forget to say please.