First of all, thank you to everyone for that took a few minutes out of their day to nominate a teacher making a different in their community. It’s always refreshing to hear stories of how teachers are inspiring today’s youth to try harder, believe in themselves, make a difference in their community and to “reach for the Cosmos”.

And the winners of this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week giveaway are…

Mr. Matheson, teacher at Thurston Middle School in Laguna Beach, California. Nominated by Kristi.

Mr. Messiter, teacher at Kestrel Heights in Durham, NC. Nominated by Rachel.

Mrs. Teel, teacher at North Adams –Jerome in North Adams, MI. Nominated by Chris.

Ms. Walker, teacher at Edy Ridghe Elementary School in Sherwood, OR. Nominated by Sharon.

Mrs. Chidester, teacher at Mcloughlin Middle School in Medford, OR. Nominated by Elizabeth.

If a teacher you nominated won, please be on the look-out for an email from us later on today!